The genius way of scheduling for golf teams

SwingWorks’ intuitive scheduling platform and market place for golf instruction provides for a delightful, frictionless customer experience when working in teams, enabling your organization to reach goals faster.
SwingWorks is trusted by hundreds of forward-thinking golf providers worldwide

Designed for golf teams with the aim to scale

Sell efficiently

Be prepared when prospects and clients express interest and are ready to buy. Avoid missed opportunities by automatically routing website visitors to specific team members or service types they are interested in. You can also pool scheduling availability together to offer more options to connect.

Save time through automation

Scheduling automation eliminates time-consuming admin tasks so your team can focus on higher priorities such as bringing back customers. Work efficiently by standardizing your scheduling and communication workflows across teams and locations via one central dashboard.

Streamline communication

From automated appointment email reminders, follow-up mails and team reminders, SwingWorks’ smart messaging feature increases engagement and ensures consistent, professional communication with your customers and within your team.

Team up flexibly and compliantly

SwingWorks is the easy and secure way to collaborate with, both, employees and contractors, within a single organization. SwingWorks flexibly accommodates multiple tenants within the same organization, without compromising on data privacy.

Review Golfschule Böhme

“Before joining SwingWorks, I used another provider’s online booking solution. The modern and professional appearance as well as the golf specific features motivated me and my colleagues to make the switch. The migration for my customers went smoothly.”
Holger Böhme
Owner Golfschule Böhme

Features our clients love

Efficient Team Scheduling

Team Booking Pages

Pool services for your team together on dedicated booking pages instead of using individual booking pages. Customers and prospects accessing the pages via dedicated links may view the next appointment or class availability across your organization at a glance. They can sort and choose from appointment types, class categories, trainers/resources, based on their individual needs.
Sales Maximization

Revenue Generating Features

Subscription programs, appointment packages, gift vouchers, flat rate courses – You name it. SwingWorks´ sales enhancing features all maximize your bottom line. Automatic settlement of accounts unties you of the time consuming record keeping on paper.
Easy Metrics Access


Whether you want to track booking activities, cancellations, or your team’s productivity, all metrics are just a click away to make fast and more informed decisions. The central dashboard view can be filtered by individuals, locations, activities, status, and more.
Centralized Team Management

Team Management View

At a glance, you may view and manage all of the ongoing activities for all your trainers/resources at any given day via a central dashboard. External partners you cooperate with may assign you viewing and bookings rights which warrants a GDPR compliant cooperation and streamlining of processes on an organizational level.
Efficient Work Processes

Automated Work Flows

Use automated workflows to do efficient class planning and scheduling across your team and locations from a centralized dashboard. Apply pre-built messages to event types that can be quickly managed and updated from one location.


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