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How to increase your average hourly rate

Written July 7, 2023, by
Your long-term goal is to work less while making more? Keep on reading to learn how we can help you achieve your goal.

Working less while making more? How it works

If you’re a golf instructor looking to increase your hourly rate, consider offering group lessons in addition to individual lessons. By teaching a group of students at once, there are several key benefits:

You earn a higher hourly average rate and increase your overall revenue;

Offering group lessons can help you accommodate multiple golf students at once which can help you realize a more stable income over the long run, as you grow your client database with each seat sold;

By creating a positive and engaging group dynamic, you can enhance the overall learning experience for your students, leading to increased customer satisfaction, loyalty, and repeat business;

Flat rate classes (closed membership programs) help you generate passive income during the offseason.

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“I have been working with SwingWorks since 2020. SwingWorks is perfect for offering group classes. It is a great way for me to realize an increase of up to 100% in my hourly rate while my flate rate classes generate additional, passive income during the offseason.”

Max Zeitler

Golf Professional @ GC Neumarkt


Nadine is Co-Founder at SwingWorks.

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