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Product Update March 2023

Written March 30, 2023, by
As part of our commitment to delivering the best possible experience, we want to keep you informed about the latest product updates, including exciting new features and bug fixes.

The latest features

Our team has been hard at work to enhance your overall user experience and provide you and your clients with a more seamless and efficient way to book and manage golf appointments and classes. Here is an overview of the recent updates we’ve implemented:

Introducing New Next Availability Booking Pages

We understand that finding the perfect lesson time for your clients can sometimes be challenging, especially, when providers are booked out weeks in advance. That’s why we introduced advanced availability filters enabling clients to view next availabililty on a single click for instant booking and allowing them to search for activities based on specific dates, times, and trainers/resources. This new view is available on venue and on resource/trainer level:

New Management View

The availability and bookings of all trainers and resources on a day-by-day basis at a glance by location. This feature is available under the manager profile - "Teams" and "Virtual/Indoor Golf" plans:

Introducing Class Category Filters

By implementing class category filters, we aim to enhance the booking experience for your clients. They can now quickly locate the most relevant classes, ensuring they get the tailored group instruction they desire. In addition, each category gets a dedicated url for easy linking on your website, social media, and in your newsletter. This will not only increase customer satisfaction but also optimize your class fill rates:

To experience this new feature firsthand, please visit:

Facelift and New Product Slider Client View

The design of the logged in areas was streamlined with the public view, providing users with a neat design and hence an even better user experience.

In the logged in client view, we enhanced the visibility of the most important menu functions by introducing a new menu slider - Everything that's up for sale can be even more easily accessed now for instant booking:

Dedicated Flat Rate Class ("Club Training") Pages

Several years ago, we introduced a game-changing feature "Flat Rate Training", a closed membership program offering regular, high-quality golf class training.

With Flat Rate Training, you may generate passive income while your clients can enjoy the benefits of a dedicated membership that grants them exclusive access to a series of top-notch golf classes.

To enhance convenience and streamline the booking process, our software has been updated to recognize when your clients are enrolled in the Flat Rate Training program. As a result, a dedicated menu item will be activated under their logged-in view, allowing them to easily access an overview of the upcoming classes. This means that your clients can conveniently browse through the schedule and book their desired classes hassle-free.

Simplified Trainer/Resource Configuration for Organizations

Providers can now effortlessly manage nearly all aspects of their trainers and resources directly from the main account (manager profile - available under our "Teams" and "Virtual/Indoor" plans):
Say goodbye to the hassle of logging into individual accounts to manage calendar settings, operating hours, booking limits, and preferences.
This change applies to resources/trainers as managed within the same organization (e.g. employees, bays indoor golf). Freelancers/self-employed trainers continue to act as individual tenants with full control over their personal business settings.

What's more, we have eliminated the need for an email address to configure resource calendars (e.g. bays).


Nadine is Co-Founder at SwingWorks.

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